Continental Controls and Design, Inc. (CCD) was incorporated in California in 1999.

Since that time, our mission has been to design and sell rapid response innovative solutions for government defense activities, while providing long term support for our products after delivery.

CCD’s offices are located in Huntington Beach, California. CCD controls a number of computer, test, and assembly assets including a prototype machine shop and skilled technicians to support the design, development and production of prototype electronics and munitions.

Miniaturized Electric Actuation System (EAS)
Our miniature three-inch EAS can produce 10,000 pounds of force in a completely integrated product weighing about 11 pounds with continuous force capability equivalent to a hydraulic system.


Automated Ride Control #H92222-12-C-0045


Next-Generation Thin-Wing Aircraft Flight Control #F8650-14-C-2520


Electrified Aircraft Propulsion Concepts #80NSSC19C0095



Innovative Solutions for Multi-Rotor Flight Endurance


E2D Self Start Capability #N68335-18-C-0323


Miniature Actuation System #N00178-17-C-8006


Halobates II #N00014-17-C-1025

High Power Density Electric Motors, Inverters and Actuators
  • Extreme force density EMA (>1ksi)
  • Electric Control Surfaces and Starters
Closed loop vehicle dynamics (GNC)
  • Despun Zuni Guidance Kit 
Novel topologies for Hydrofoils and Drones
  • Patent Pending Swinging Hydrofoils for Ride Control


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